Best shoe repair tricks

Best shoe repair tricks

You can have a thousands of different pair of shoes, but there is always the one that you like the most. It is totally scratched, ripped and glued in some place, but you still cannot throw it away. If you understand what we are talking about, go on reading and you will find out a lot of interesting information about your footwear. Best NYC shoe repairers will tell you about professional life hacks that help to prevent and fix all possible damages your shoes could possibly endure.

Problem # 1 Your suede shoes are all over scuffed and stained

Do you think that suede shoes just cannot be restored, because this material is too soft and gently? You are so wrong! Luckily for you, there are so many different ways to treat suede shoes and make it great again. For example, leave your shoes in bathroom, while having a shower. The steam softens every inch of suede and you will be able to remove all dirt with special two side brush.

Problem # 2 Your shoes are absolutely wet

Take as a habit to wipe down your shoes every time you walk in some room. Even if it is not rainy outside, some moisture can hit your shoes can damage it. If it happens that you was caught by the rain and you don’t have a place to hide, take it for granted. When you will come back home, put some paper inside of your shoes for the whole night. It will help to soak up excessive moisture and save the shape.

Problem # 3 Your shoes have horrible smell

Usually, such type of problem appears to be extremely actual during the summer, but some people suffer from it during the whole. In order to prevent unpleasant smell, use natural, cotton socks instead of synthetic ones. If everything is already happened, add some baking soda in a sock and put it inside the shoe for night. The smell will disappear until the morning.


Follow our tips, and make your life much easier. Your shoe can serve you for a very long time, if treated right.

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